Listen, God is Calling

Listen, God is Calling


This morning I woke up to the sound of a loon calling as it floated above calm waters in Northern Minnesota. It’s a sound I’ve been longing to hear. A loon’s call soothes my soul and fills my heart with peace.

There is something about a loon’s call that’s universally received by the human mind. Movies use it to communicate a peaceful wilderness experience. When people hear it, regardless if they’ve ever been up north, it brings calm to their soul.

This morning Isaiah talked about his call. Often when we think of being called by God, we think of a person like Isaiah. A special person with unique gifts called to a specific task. Typically, we assume they are called because their holiness exceeds all others. Well, at least ours.

I’m working with a camp as they do a visioning process. At one of the sites, there is a volunteer who is a plumber by trade. He has taken a group of children from a trailer park under his wing. He provides them scholarships to attend camp, but he also has them spend a weekend at the camp doing volunteer work. I’m sure if I asked him to grade his holiness he would score himself low. But I bet he understands his call. Like Isaiah, the Lord has called him to be a light to the nations.

A call is something universally sent by God to all people. It’s a call sent regardless of your own sense of worthiness. This morning I thought about all the wonderful people who felt unworthy when I asked them to help me in the places I have served. You filled my life with joy because you listened to the Lord calling you. Those who listen to God’s call discover what it means to be a light to the nations. (Isaiah 49: 1-6)

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