Soil Management

Soil Management

Wednesday.July 20.2016

The soil in our yard is not good soil. In the front yard the soil is very sandy. It holds no water or nutrients. Roots will grow rapidly if they constantly receive water, but even then, they remain vulnerable to dry conditions. We need to make sure the plants in the front are watered and receive extra nutrients on a regular basis.

The clay soil in the backyard is even worse. It holds water, but is so dense roots have a difficult time penetrating it and growing into anything significant. I really don’t know much more than this, I just listen to my wife complain about what she can and cannot plant. Then worry if what she has planted will develop deep enough roots to survive. I never realized how much gardening involved soil management.

During the growing season, Peggy spends every available moment in the yard. She will weed, plant and replant. She will mulch, compost and purchase good soil to help the plants in our yard become a beautiful garden.

I’m not sure I fully appreciated the Parable of the Sower until I understood gardening. Initially, I would hear this as a story of individual development. The seed and the sower were good, the fate of the plant rested in the hearer. What could you do to be better soil?

If the sower and the seed are good, then the sower will not simply scatter seed and go do something else. The sower will worry if the plants will have deep enough roots. The sower will work to improve soil conditions so the plants will grow. Soil cannot improve itself. It simply prays for its greatest need then allows the sower to improve growing conditions. What is your greatest need today? How can this become a prayer? (Mt 13: 1-9)

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