A Day Trip

A Day Trip

Friday.July 29.2016.c

I spent the day on the road yesterday driving a flatbed trailer loaded with stuff to beautiful Hazen, North Dakota. Today, I will load the same trailer up with old barn wood and head home.

A college friend into joined me. This meant we couldn’t drive through Moorhead without seeing Concordia College. Road construction made it a difficult side trip. I drove a big duel wheel pick-up truck with a car on a trailer though downtown Fargo, past Old Broadway and the Plains Art Museum. I snaked it through road barriers to take a picture of Mick’s Office, whose cheap burger and beer lunch helped me make it through college.

After unloading the trailer at the Fast Angus Ranch, we headed to Mandan, ND to meet my brother-in-law’s family. They were at a meeting in the Powerhouse Bar and Grill. My friend, Lonn, and I sat at the bar and enjoyed a cold beer after a long day. We don’t typical talk to bartenders, but Wes was quite possibly the most engaging personality we’d ever met. By the end of our time, not only did we know Wes’ story, it felt like we had made a friend.

The trip made me think of the gift of being with people. I never thought when I was going to college the people I met there, the good times I had with them would become fleeting memories. Almost having to convince myself they actually happened. Do we ever consider the value of an experience while it is happening?

The reflection text this morning Martha invites Jesus into her home. While Martha works to make it a socially appropriate visit, her sister, Mary, places all her attention on Jesus. Mary is valuing the relationship in the moment. Value relationships in the moment, you don’t know when they’ll become fleeting memories. (Lk 10: 38-42)

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