The Healing Power of Touch

The Healing Power of Touch

God will wipe every tear from their eyes.
 (Rev. 21:4a)

This past weekend we invited all the confirmation students to come forward and kneel at the altar. Then each minister, parent, relative, friend and mentor in attendance stood behind them, laid hands upon their head and blessed them. The words of the blessing were the words spoken over these children when they were infants being held during their baptism.

Research has shown human touch is critical to our health. Completely healthy infants can die without human touch. Human touch can help heal teenagers who have developed behavior problems as a result of early childhood trauma. Parents who adopt these children are taught to hold and cradle teenagers like infants. It may seem awkward, but the results are amazing.

Of all the loving ways we touch each other, the tenderness of a hand gently wiping tears from a crying child’s eyes is one of the most comforting. A child can feel the strength of the adults hand against their face. It makes them feel as though someone stronger is there to bear their weakness. Hands do not tell us to stop crying. They let us know it’s okay to cry, but together we’ll take away this public display. The intimacy of touch and the assurance of presence allows peace to descend upon the wounded soul.

Spiritually, we need the intimacy of God’s presence for the same reasons children need to experience human touch. In today’s reading we discover the most tender words in all of the Bible. God’s home and dwelling is always among us. A presence so near, God is able to reach out and wipe the tears from our eyes.

The preachers this past weekend wanted each student to know they were loved and they were not alone. This same message is tenderly and colorfully communicated in Revelation. No matter what burden you feel you are carrying this day, you need to hear the same message, you are loved and you are not alone. Consider sharing this reflection today, because someone you know may need to hear these same words of hope.

Click to read: Rev. 21: 3-4

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