Let Me See Again

Let Me See Again

What do you want me to do for you?” He said, “Lord, let me see again.” (Lk 18: 42)

I once read an article how people radically over estimate the income of their neighbors. Research showed people who viewed neighbors as financially better off also viewed them as more secure, healthier and happier. Viewing our neighbors this way leads to a distorted view of life.

In Norway, this is less likely to happen because you can go online and look up your neighbors income. Actually, Norway has made income tax records public since 1814, but only recently added the internet option. There is strong evidence, even from US economists, this kind of openness would help people receive better pay. I doubt this will find support In the United States, because exposing our income might also reveal our weakness.

Overestimating wealth, health and happiness is a common phenomena among pastors new to a congregation. On first contact, everyone seems to be doing well. Over time, a pastor learns about the deep wounds. The wounds people keep hidden from public view for fear they may appear weak. These struggles have financial, spiritual, physical and emotional expressions.

Formulating prayer requests in a congregation reveals our struggle with exposing weakness. The process begins with a pastor asking, would you like me to pray for you? Then a series of questions follow. Should this prayer remain with the pastor, within the prayer team, or can it be made public in worship? Many people fear the public prayer until the need reaches a critical point.

In today’s reading, a blind beggar yells out to Jesus for help. The simplicity of the request and reaction strikes me. Upon hearing a request for mercy, Jesus asks, “What would you have me do?” The beggar responds, “Let me see again.” Immediately, his sight is restored.

Where do you find your view of life is distorted? How is this distortion wounding you? Imagine Jesus is sitting across from you asking, “What would you have me do?” Then let your prayer be your response. So you may discover the power of Christ to heal and grant sight.

Click to read: Luke 18: 35-43

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash.com and Nicole Mason.

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