Who Created All These?

Who Created All These?

Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? Isa. 40: 26

Look at the nights skies. Who do you think made all this? I don’t think Isaiah would like my answer to his question. When I look at the night sky I struggle to see anything except the work of human hands.

From our house the night sky glows a pinkish color. It’s a byproduct of the activity taking place in the factories along Highway 61. The glow shields my eyes from seeing most of the stars in the sky.  There is also the never-ending flow of air traffic coming in and out of the airport. Their movement steals away my attention from what few stars I can see. If I walk up to Bailey Park, I can look over a carpet of lights on the earth’s floor and see the glow of Minneapolis and St. Paul radiating in the distance.

Isaiah’s invitation is intended to help people see the power of God. Unfortunately, for most in the modern world, the night sky only draws attention to human ingenuity. Is there any place left where a person can see the enduring power of God?

One place would be our former neighborhood in Brooklyn,NY. I always saw the enduring power of God there. It might seem strange for those who tend to view nature as a witness to God’s creative hand. However, I found the beautiful life flowing among people living so close to each other revealed something of God.

I love the wilderness, but mountains, trees and stars are limited in the comfort they can provide. A tree cannot hold me in its arms when I need a warm embrace. Mountains cannot wipe tears from my eyes or pray for me when I am wounded. Stars move my soul, but they cannot tell very good jokes and provide little conversation. What I know of peace, hope, joy, love, forgiveness and comfort, have come from human hearts, not the night sky. These have helped me see the enduring power of God and lifted me up when I am weak.

Tonight, I will look up to the night sky and think, who is this God who comes down from way out there to bring me these things?  Then my heart will be filled with awe. I hope yours will be too.

Click to read: Isaiah 40: 25-31

Reflection Questions: When was your most powerful encounter with the night sky? How often to you take time to look at the stars during a work week? Where do you go to feel close to God? When was a time in your life you found strength through people in your life? How does this speak to you of God’s power?

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