I Should Have Paid Attention

I Should Have Paid Attention

O that you had paid attention to my commandments! Isa 48:18

Have you ever found yourself looking back to an experience when you were younger and think, “If only I had paid attention…?” A time when you were in a unique learning opportunity, but didn’t take it seriously. Then when older, you realize how valuable it would have been to listen to the person teaching.

I wished I had paid more attention in high school. Maybe that’s a stretch, but it is certainly true of my Spanish class. By the time I graduated from high school, I had taken seven years of Spanish. Still, I could only count to ten and knew two phrases: “Mi hombre es Rico” and “Donde esta casa de Pepe?” Actually, the second phrase was from a Steve Martin comedy album.

It never dawned on me I would actually need to speak Spanish until I found myself living in Sunset Park Brooklyn. In that neighborhood, the majority of people were Spanish speaking. Even after leaving Brooklyn, an ability to speak Spanish would have been extremely beneficial.

Obviously, I have been able to exist and be productive without a functional grasp of Spanish. It just would have made my life easier and the experiences more profound had I known it. So in Isaiah when it says, “If only you had paid attention to my commands,” I know exactly what the Lord is talking about.

Faith is like my learning Spanish. A person can invite you to learn. You can do what is necessary to pass the test, but only those who pay attention grasp the fullness of the experience. They discover why it is profound and how it can make life easier to manage. In Isaiah, for those who pay attention, peace flows like a river. God loves you no matter what, but those who pay attention discover an overflowing sense of peace. I pray you discover this kind of peace.

Click to read: Isaiah 48: 17-19

Reflection Questions: What experience do you wish you had paid more attention to? How could it have helped you? How do you describe the commands of God, something you have to do or invited to discover? Whats’s the difference? When have you discovered peace as a result of paying attention to God?


Photo Courtesy of Unsplash.com and Roman Mager

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