Listening for Words of Life

Listening for Words of Life

…he would not permit the demons to speak, because they knew him. Mk 1:34

Years ago, while on a long flight, I sat next to a woman obsessed with the death of JonBenet Ramsey. She had barely sat down in her seat, when she leaned over and said, “Can you believe how terrible that whole JonBenet thing is?” Before I could respond, she proceeded to discuss every aspect of the case, including her own personal investigation and conclusions. All of her research had been conducted by watching 24-hour news sources. The conversation lasted the entire flight.

Her talking didn’t bother me. It was obvious she didn’t care if I listened. However, the story behind the conversation did. She was a young woman with a career, a husband and children. All I could think about was how this obsession must be destroying all the other relationships in her life. I found myself wanting to silence her demons.

Nobody wants to talk about demons. Maybe we’ve seen too many movies playing on the fantastic, or, have an image of a little red devil with a pitchfork to take this issue seriously. However, I find demons to be the voices which seek to play on our fears and rob us of life. These voices need ears to hear for them to have power. A power easily robbed when the voices are silenced. The trouble is finding a way to silence bad voices, so we can hear the good ones.

My time in daily reflection helps silence the demons in my life. Not some poltergeist, but all the words spoken during the day that play on my fears and try to rob me of joy. It silences the voices calling attention to  my feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, failure and vulnerability. Then, in the silence created, my ears are opened to hear the good words of life. That is, I am loved for who I am, not the person I think I should be.  May reading these reflections provide you the silence necessary to hear the words of life.

Click to read: Mark 1: 29-39

Reflection Questions:

  • What are the voices in your life playing on your fears and seeking to rob you of life?
  • How can they be silenced? and, what is preventing them from being silenced?
  • What words create life in you?
  • Where do you most need healing today?
Photo Courtesy of and Ben White
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