Don’t Walk Away

Don’t Walk Away

“He could not do any miracles there…He was amazed at their lack of faith.” Mk 6: 5ff

C.S. Lewis imagined the process of entering heaven in his book, The Great Divorce. In the book, when people die their bodies become ghost-like figures, a form with no substance. The ghost-like figures find themselves in an abandoned city. They must get on a bus and travel to the entry point of heaven. There, they are met by some acquaintance from earth, a person who invites them to reconciliation. The ghosts who accept the invitation, re-gain their density and discover beauty and joy beyond imagination.

One particular character was called, the Big Ghost. On earth, he had been a foreman in a factory. At the entry to heaven, he is met by one of his former workers. A person who had murdered a man and gone to prison. The mind of the Big Ghost is so bound by his experience on earth, he cannot accept the invitation. Why would he want to go anywhere with a murderer? The worker cannot convince him of the power of reconciliation.

The Big Ghost shouted, “Tell them I’m not coming, see? I’d rather be damned than go along with you. I came here to get my rights, see?” With these words, he walks away from heaven.

The story of the Big Ghost reminds me of Jesus going to his hometown. The people who greet him there cannot believe anything he says and does. They are too bound by the person they knew. How could a carpenter teach us anything about heaven? Eventually, they walk away from the power of God.

The people in Jesus’ hometown did not determine his ability to do miracles, nor do we. The invitation too live into the power of God is there every day. We don’t always comprehend the mystery of it, nor can we explain it. However, to those who believe he gives the power to become the children of God. This power does not wait for some far off distant time and place. It is here and now. Open your heart to the invitation.

Click to read: Mark 6: 1-6

Reflection Questions:

  • What does walking away from the power of God look like?
  • How can what we see get in the way of what we are invited to believe?
  • Where have you experienced God’s power? How can you explain it to others?
  • How can you invite others to experience this power?

Photo Courtesy of and Jesse Bowser

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