Life in the Midst of Chaos

Life in the Midst of Chaos

the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep Gen. 1:2

Once when I was a camp counselor, my campers asked to sleep out under the stars. We invited another group to join us and went to a remote location deep in the woods. The moonless night made it very dark, but the darkness provided a brilliant display of stars.

As we settled down to sleep, my most vocal and demonstrative camper started yelling and throwing things into the woods. When I asked him what was wrong, he said a raccoon was trying to attack him. I thought he was just hearing noises and letting his imagination go wild, so I told him to relax.

After we settled him down, he jumped up again and started yelling. Again, he threw anything he could find into the woods. It was in response to another raccoon attack. The evening was too dark to tell if any animal was really attacking.

The battle between quiet and raccoon attack lasted for almost forty-five minutes. Finally, we were able to calm him down and remain quiet for longer than five minutes. Convinced, I was going to get some sleep, I rolled over in my sleeping bag. Except, when I turned over, there was a large raccoon two inches from my nose. It completely startled me. Without thinking, I stood up, screamed and started throwing shoes at it. Again the evening was thrown into chaos.

In the daylight, the raccoon would not have created such a response. We would have seen him and taken appropriate action. However, in the darkness, the raccoon kept creating chaos and preventing us from resting.

My favorite aspect of the creation story in the first chapter of Genesis is how God creates order out of chaos. The earth was a formless void drifting in a field of darkness. Then God calls light into the darkness and order is created.

People often talk of creation as a past event. Yet, the process of creating life continues. The Word of God has an enduring and mysterious creative power. It can bring order into the chaos of your life and light into your darkest moments. I’m reminded of this every morning I write these devotions.

Click to read: Genesis 1: 1-5

Reflection Questions:

  • Where do you find chaos threatening your peace in life?
  • How are you trying to manage this chaos? And is it working?
  • Where do you hear God speaking in your life?
  • When do you take time to listen to God’s voice?

Photo Courtesy of and Bobby Burch

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