Inclinations and Grace

Inclinations and Grace

I will never again curse the ground because of humankind, for the inclination of the human heart is evil from youth;” Gen. 8: 21

Ron Wyatt was a 27 year old nurse-anesthetist working in Tennessee when he first saw the image that would change his life. In 1960, Life Magazine published a satellite photo of the earth. It showed a boat-like object resting in the mountains of Eastern Turkey. The mountain was near Mount Ararat, the Biblical destination of Noah’s Ark. Worldwide curiosity was ignited as many speculated it might be Noah’s Ark. For Ron Wyatt, the image gave birth to an obsession.

Professional archeologists excavated the site, but found no evidence of it being Noah’s Ark. This did not convince Ron Wyatt, a Seventh-Day Adventist, who saw proof of the Ark as a way to save lost souls. Wyatt’s obsession lead him to make over 100 trips to the Middle East. His story is well-documented on You-Tube. However, in his desire to save lost souls, some would argue he ended up destroying his family. The only legacy he passed on was his obsession. However, the children’s obsession seems only to prove their father was not out of his mind.

The search for Noah’s Ark has been one of the most prolonged projects in human history. I’m not sure what evidence of an Ark will prove. However, one aspect of this story resonants with my experience of life. That is  “the inclination of the human heart is evil from youth.” It’s hard to disagree with this assessment when examining the events taking place all around us. Despite our desires for peace, we remain committed to war. Despite our songs, poems, stories and sermons about love. We still seem incredibly gifted at ignoring the concerns of the poor and sharing our feelings of hatred with others.

The other part which resonates with me is the grace of God to offset our inclination to evil. As the Biblical story continues to unfold, in each chapter, the intensity and power of God’s grace is revealed in more depth. The invitation is for us to abandon our own inclinations and grab hold of the power of God. Grace is the ultimate power of God. It can destroy our inclinations to evil and breath life and hope into every human heart.

Click to read: Genesis 8: 6-13; 20-22

Reflection Questions:

  • Why is Noah’s Ark one of the most beloved stories in the Bible?
  • What do you have a difficult time understanding about it? And where do you find strength in the story?
  • How do you react to the line, “the inclination of the human heart is evil from youth?”
  • Where do you see God’s grace in the story?

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