Precious in God’s Sight

Precious in God’s Sight

“All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.” Mt 4:9

One of the top ten commercials in 2016 featured a nervous piece of paper going to a school full of scissors. The scissors intimidate the piece of paper. Eventually, it finds other pieces of paper and turns to them for friendship. However, the other pieces of paper shoot spit balls at it. In the depths of the paper’s loneliness, a pair of scissors appears and they become friends.

On the way home from school, the piece of paper and the scissors come across a little rock. The little rock is being picked on by two larger rocks. Since paper beats rock, the piece of paper flexes its muscle and the larger rocks run away. The commercial ends with the three characters – rock, paper, scissors – walking off together as friends.

The commercial was produced by Android, although it has nothing to do with any practical feature of an Android product. Instead, it suggests an Android phone can create friendships, provide protection from bullying and emotional security for your junior/senior high child. One might argue, cell phones have radically increased the intensity of teenager bullying. They have allowed humiliating pictures to be shared in mass in a matter of seconds.

Theologian and seminary president, David Lose, wrote a commentary on Jesus’ temptation. In it he reflected upon a PBS documentary called, The Producers, which chronicled the history of the advertising industry. He pointed out how modern advertisers no longer focus on the quality of the product, or celebrity endorsement. Todays’ advertisers make a promise about a lifestyle you will have by owning their product. He likens this advertising to the constant temptation we daily endure.

A cellphone is neither a reliable source of hope and security or the epitome of all that is evil. At the end of the day, it’s just a cellphone. It can be used for good or evil. So can rock, paper, or scissors.

This morning’s reflection made me think of the children’s song, Jesus Loves the Little Children. I’m sure most of you remember the song. “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Black and yellow, red and white, they’re all precious in God’s sight.” Jesus’ temptation reminds us that this never ceases to be true. Even when the little children become old and grey.

Click to read: Matthew 4: 1-11 

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Reflection Question:

  • What is the insecurity you most struggle to cope with?
  • When have you been seduced by an empty promise to help cope with your insecurities?
  • Compare and contrast your junior high insecurity with your adult insecurity?
  • How can you find hope, security and love in Christ?

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