“As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God.” Psalm 42

We struck gold with the dog we picked up from the Humane Society. Not only was Jussi (You-see) completely house broken, someone had spent time training him before he ended up in the shelter. He waits for permission to enter the house. When we walk him, leash or no leash, he walks right by your side. He’s a wonderful dog.

Jussi lives to play fetch. When I throw a ball it’s like a switch goes off in his head and fetching a ball, quickly as possible, is all he can comprehend. He loses all sense of self preservation. Jussi runs so hard on the frozen ground his back paws often bleed. There is only one thing which will cause him to take a break, thirst.

When Jussi gets thirsty, he will fetch the ball and then head to the back door. It’s almost like he can speak the words, I need a drink. He will wait for me until I let him in. Once inside, bloody paws and all, he goes to his bowl and drinks until it is empty. I’ve been thirsty before, but never that thirsty.

In today’s reading, the psalmist sounds like Jussi. He has run himself ragged chasing after life. It is a lifestyle which has done damage to his soul. So he writes of a deep yearning deep to see the face of God. An overpowering yearning he compares to the thirst of a deer.

The life we pursue is sometimes out of control. The daily flow of bills reminds us our chasing after life must continue. It is a pursuit often done without regard to physical health. The anxiety inherent in some jobs causes longterm damage to the heart. Jobs that require constant lifting do lasting damage to joints and backs. Then consider the spiritual damage of working in a combative environment. It leaves the soul thirsting to see the face of God.

I invite you today to take a break from the chase. Seek a moment of silence for prayer. Even a few minutes can help restore a wounded soul. Quiet time allows the soul to drink in the peace your thirsty soul desires.

Click to read: Psalm 42

Reflection Question:

  • How is your life like chasing after a ball?
  • Where do you find this chase doing damage to your body or soul?
  • What would it take for you to spend a few minutes in prayer during work?
  • When was a time you felt your soul restored? What made it possible?


Photo Courtesy of Unsplash.com

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