When House Becomes a Home

When House Becomes a Home

There is a moment in our lives when the place we live in becomes home. That moment is never right away, nor can I tell you exactly what makes it happen. Yet, something in our heart lets us know, the place we now dwell is more than residence, it is our home.

Peggy and I have moved around quite a bit. We’ve learned to watch and wait for this transformation to arrive. It always seems to hit us when we’ve been away, either on a business trip or vacation. The closer we come to our house, a certain calm takes over as the surroundings become more familiar. Then there’s the feeling of absolute peace and joy when we turn into the driveway. It’s not just that we will sleep in our own bed tonight, but everything feels safe and warm because we’re home.

There is a feeling of disconnect in life until the place we live in becomes a home. We feel lost and out of sorts. At times, it even feels a little hopeless. The problem is really that our hearts are deeply yearning for peace. In a foreign place, it is hard to feel secure. The absence of security prevents us from truly experiencing peace.

In today’s reading, Hosea invites the people of Israel home. “Return, O Israel, to the Lord your God.” They are disconnected and unhappy. Home no longer feels like home. Just like a house can cause us to feel unsettled, a lack of spiritual rest leads to grief. I love the small image Hosea uses to describe the reason for returning to God. He says, “In you the orphan finds mercy.” (Hosea 17:3)  In God, even a homeless and parentless child can find peace.

Perhaps these words remind you of the home you now enjoy.  A blessing to celebrate. Maybe, it reveals the unnamed longing you have to discover a home. A desire deep within to experience peace in your life. If this is how you feel, return to the Lord and watch life blossom like a vine.

Click to read:  Hosea 14: 1-8


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