The One Step Path to Peace

The One Step Path to Peace

What must we do to do the works God requires?” John 6:28

I have 5 active email accounts. Actually, six, but I never check an old family account. That one, I leave for Peggy to worry about. The ones I spend time with are my work email, my personal email, and the account I created just to field advertising promotions. There are also two different emails associated with Ordinary Voices. If I do not keep up with these emails, by the end of the day, there will be 130 unread messages. Each unread message promoting a great opportunity I am missing.

When Ordinary Voices was being launched, I signed up to get emails from entrepreneur, Michael Hyatt. His wisdom and guidance are exceptional, but his communications are full of irony. He sends several emails a day with exciting ways for me to find more time for myself. The emails often contain links to 3 or 4 other articles he has written. Each has time saving, energy creating and life giving suggestions. I’ve come to realize, reading Michael Hyatt emails could be a full-time job.

The titles are so alluring, it is hard not to pay attention to them. However, I may only read 10% of the emails Michael Hyatt sends to me. The rest sit in my inbox, unread, reminding me how I am falling behind what I must do to succeed. Welcome to the 21st Century, where finding true peace is only 6 steps (and several levels) away from being realized. I wonder how much internal anxiety unread emails create.

These thoughts were in my mind as I read today’s story. Some men chase down Jesus to find out what works God requires. They want to know what they must do. Jesus does not provide them a 3-step process to improvement. Nor, an 8 things to consider to transform your life article. His response is one of simplicity, believe.

The one thing the God requires is belief. Out of this one thing comes forgiveness for what we have done and we have left undone. Belief provides the assurance of love in a love starved world. It gives value to those who have missed great opportunities. Most of all, ears to receive the worries of those who feel no one is listening. Belief is the one step path peace.

Click to read: John 6: 23-29

Reflection Questions:

  • How many emails do you manage? And, how do you manage them?
  • What causes you to feel like you are falling behind where you should be?
  • When you think about what you must “do” for faith, what comes to mind?
  • How can belief transform the soul?

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