My Wedding Ring Saga

My Wedding Ring Saga

Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.” John 14: 8

I lost my wedding ring barely six months into my marriage. We had gone out to find a Christmas tree on a snowy November day. My ring was not exactly a tight fit on my finger. The cold must have made it even more loose fitting than normal. It had to come off while I was removing gloves from my hand. It wasn’t until later, when finding it was impossible, that I discovered it missing.

We didn’t have the money to replace it, so, I got used to not wearing one. I really didn’t enjoy wearing a ring, but it was supposed to be an image of my marriage.  Guilt forced me to get it replaced. However, it wasn’t long before the ring no longer fit my finger. I put on a lot of weight on in my first congregation. Every visit, event and meeting involved food. Eventually, I had to cut the ring off before it damaged my finger.

Years later, a person stopped me in church to ask if everything was all right in my marriage. A moment of panic came over me. Did they know something I didn’t? It turned out the person was asking because she had noticed I took my wedding ring off. Took it off? I haven’t worn one in 15 years!

Her observation always stuck with me. What physical evidence could I provide to proclaim the health of my marriage? I’m not sure I could produce anything. Perhaps, if people were in our presence they would see it. But I doubt even this would be enough for most people.

The saga of my wedding ring serves as an image for me when people speak of proving God. A scientist will say we have found no proof of God’s existence. What does proof look like? Someone who believes will communicate to a person struggling in faith about developing a personal relationship. However, as Philip shows in our reading, you can be standing next to Jesus and not fully understand.

God remains a mystery to even the most ardent believer. Yet it’s the mystery of faith, I enjoy the most. God, like love, remains elusive to perfect explanation and evidence. A feeling one can identify within even when they cannot describe it. My marriage is not brought to life by a ring, but conversation. Perhaps this is why Jesus invites us to ask him anything. He knows conversations, more than anything, bring relationships to life.

Click to read: John 14: 6-14

Reflection Questions:

  • What symbols provide you meaning in life?
  • Where do symbols fall short of expressing the fullness of your life?
  • How would you describe your relationship with God? Where does it find life?

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