How Receptive is Your Heart?

How Receptive is Your Heart?

“…the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” Acts 12: 2

A friend recently shared the details of a divine encounter on Facebook. In a spontaneous decision to walk to the Post Office, she happened to come across an older man walking on the other side of the road. It might have been nothing more than an observation had he not crossed the street to talk to her. His smile arrested any suspicions and seemed to make her heart eager to listen.

The countenance reflected the enthusiasm within his heart as he greeted her. The older man said he had a wonderful opportunity for her to discover. He was a monk, a priest, with a couple of masters degrees. The reason for his joy is he wanted to invite her to a free weekly meditation group he was starting. Personally, I loved the free angle on that one.

My friend was amazed by the encounter. She had been thinking about how much she missed her former meditation group as she walked to the Post Office. The joy of the stranger had been passed on to her. When she thanked him for the invitation, she expressed how lucky she felt. The man gently corrected her. “It was not luck,” he said, “God wanted us to meet today.”

Her story was on my mind as I read this morning’s text. A receptive heart is willing to listen to an invitation to discover something deeper about life. However, it’s in the midst of prayer, meditation and fasting, the Holy Spirit speaks to our living. I’m not sure what impact the meditation group will have for my friend. However, for the disciples, it set two of them  apart to do the work to which they had been called.

This reflection is more about questions than conclusions. Questions I set before you to consider today. How receptive is your heart to listen to an invitation to discover something deeper? Where do you find time for prayer and meditation? Is this something your heart longs to discover? If you are a person who can help someone discover spiritual renewal, are you inviting strangers to this experience? As you consider these things remember this, a receptive heart discovers in prayer a way to live more fully in life.

Click to read: Acts 13: 1-5

Reflection Questions:

  • How do you a imagine divine encounter to be like?
  • When have you discovered something profound in the midst of some mundane activity?
  • What would it take for you to discover meditation and prayer?
  • What do you feel Christ is inviting you to at this moment in your life? Could it be a course of action or an attitude of heart?


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