Winter Descends Upon My Yard

Winter Descends Upon My Yard

So teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart.” Ps. 90:12

Yesterday, I had the church staff over to my house for lunch. I wanted to thank them for the opportunity to work together. We could have gone to a restaurant or remained at the church. But, those kinds of places are too busy. It would be hard to leave work behind. My house is a woodland retreat in a busy world. As we sat in the living room talking, we watched the birds dance on the feeders outside. Someone said, “I could just sit here all day and watch them.”

My house is not all rest. There is a litany of projects waiting for completion. The “To Do” list also reminds me the clock is ticking. It makes me feel like I’m running out of time. Outside my window, the dark coat of the goldfinches makes me wonder where summer went.

On the surface, Psalm 90 has a darkness to it. It reminds us of our mortality and the fleeting experience of life itself. It paints a picture of a world full of God’s anger and wrath. However, as I reviewed the day’s headlines, I doubt God’s anger is consuming anyone. It appears our own anger makes little room for anyone else’s, let alone God’s.

The leaders of the world vow to destroy their enemies, both existing and potential enemies. We are getting the opportunity to look behind the closed doors of our favorite entertainers. The view is a cold reminder people are not always who they appear to be in a movie. Climate scientists have issued another dire warning. In this great society, citizens speak of arming themselves for the battle waiting outside their door. All the world is an enemy, and the burden of our anger is too much to bear.

In the midst of it all, winter descends upon my yard. The grass is dying, and the trees are bare. The leaves rest on the ground lifeless and decomposing. The outside projects come to rest. It is too cold. The birds and deer seem more desperate for food. Watching this life unfold from my window reminds me to count my days in peace. It teaches me to gain a wise heart. Our life is short, but it overflows with joy. The more I take time to notice it, the greater the joy. Winter also reminds me of spring, from all death springs new life. When this wisdom is applied to my heart, anger ceases and hope overflows.

Click to read: Psalm 90: 1-12

  • How burdened is your heart with anger?
  • Where do you find hope in the news?
  • When do you take time to count your days as a blessing?
  • How can appreciating life lead to hope?

Photo by Eric Elkin

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