Patience Will Be My Salvation

Patience Will Be My Salvation

“…and regard the patience of our Lord as salvation.” 2 Peter 3:15a

Last night, Peggy and I picked up her father to go watch a basketball game. We were driving during rush hour and knew it would take longer than usual, but we did not foresee the conditions of the road. On Monday, it was fifty degrees and rainy. That evening, temperatures dropped into the teens. The rain turned to ice and then to snow.

Ice and snow are not exactly foreign concepts in Minnesota. However, last night, two days after the storm, roads still appeared to be compromised by it. Cars on the freeway slugged along barely going 20 mph. The drive, which typically takes forty minutes, took an hour and forty-five minutes.

Patience is not a gift which comes naturally to me. It is like eating Brussels sprouts. You know its good for you, but they taste like punishment. The longer it took, the more impatient I became with driving slow. We decided to take city streets which afforded me the ability to go a little faster. But, then the trip was interrupted by stop lights. By the time we arrived at the game, I was ready to jump out of the car before it was parked.

By the end of the game, traffic had cleared. The trip home would be faster. When I went flying by a police car, I realized something was not right. Peg expressed concern, but I was driving below the speed limit. We appeared to be going fast because everyone else was driving so slow. It was then I realized there were random places on the road with thick sheets ice still on it.

All of a sudden, without warning, I hit a patch of ice. My car felt like it was floating above the road. The back end started pushing out to the left. If I were not careful, the car would start to slide sideways. If that happened, it would be hard to avoid a crash when the tires touched dry pavement.

When the car did return to dry pavement, I slowed down. It was a relatively empty highway, but I was not going to test being caught off guard. Patience would be my salvation for returning home safely.

2 Peter says God’s patience is a way of salvation. He is inviting us to see God’s presence in a broken world. Slowing down improves our spiritual vision. It helps us see God working in even the most fractured situations and is one of the most reliable ways to find peace. So, when you tire of waiting, let patience be your salvation.

Click to read: 2 Peter 3: 8-15

Reflection Questions:

  • When are you most impatient?
  • What helps you discover patience?
  • How often do you struggle to see God’s presence in the world?
  • How can slowing down improve your spiritual vision?

Photo by Simone Acquaroli on Unsplash

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