Strong Enough to Make Me Strong

Strong Enough to Make Me Strong

All of our praise rises to the One who is strong enough to make you strong” Romans 16:25

A fear of heights has tormented me most of my life. It’s a torment because deep inside I dream of being a daredevil. Unfortunately, I have an allergic reaction to activities I deem unsafe. Until this feeling goes away, adventures like hang gliding, parachuting and base jumping, will remain confined to my imagination.

A zip-line on a high ropes challenge course helped me conquer my fear of heights. To complete the challenge, I needed to climb a telephone pole to a platform twenty-five feet above the ground. The platform was so small; my toes hung over the edge. A course facilitator stood next to me on the platform. It made feel like I was about to fall off. Climbing was not a problem, but standing at the top looking down unleashed all my fear.

The challenge is mostly mental. A climber has one job, jump off a platform. When I couldn’t do it, I asked the facilitator for help. He told me how the human mind was programmed to inform your body jumping from this height was not good for you. To jump, I needed to get my mind to trust the equipment. It took some convincing, but I was able to do it.

My ability to jump gave me a sense of accomplishment, but it was not really my achievement. All I did was trust the equipment designed to protect me. Its strength allowed me to be strong.

This type of trust was not blind. The cables used for zip lines can support the weight of a car. All ropes course equipment is built and tested to carry weight beyond that of one person. There are systems which check and double-check connections and safety. High element ropes courses, while scary looking, are incredibly safe.

Fear is genetically woven into our minds to protect us. It serves to remind us of our limitations. Unfortunately, when we look outside of ourselves for help, we discover other humans equally limited. This awareness can allow anxiety to overwhelm our living. Our condition is not comforted by a world which appears better at producing fear than a sense of security.

Inside each human being is a desire to live an abundant life. Often our fears prevent us from discovering this type of living. How do we overcome this condition? Or, do we leave joyful living confined to our imagination?

To me, Paul answers these question by speaking to us like a facilitator encouraging us to jump. Trust the one strong enough to make you strong. It is the secret to living an abundant life. One I hope you discover.

Click to read: Romans 16: 25-27 (The Message version)

Reflection Questions:

  • What fear holds you back from doing something you desire?
  • How can the fear be overcome, or does it keep you safe?
  • How would you describe an abundant life?
  • How can faith help you discover strength?

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

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