Eric-Head ShotWant Something More Out of Life?

A friend once invited an acquaintance to a men's spiritual retreat. He was asked by the man why he should consider attending. My friend, simply and honestly respond, "This spiritual retreat is for people who want something more out of life." The same could be said about why you should listen to Ordinary Voices.

Ordinary Voices is a resource for people searching for spiritual meaning in daily life.  It invites ordinary people, wherever they might be on their spiritual journey, to find hope in life.   

I'm Eric Elkin, the creator of Ordinary Voices. The picture doesn't really show it, but I am a unordinary pastor who helps ordinary people discover spiritual meaning. The Ordinary Voices podcast invites conversations to explore questions about life and faith. Then in reflection upon these questions, help you discover spiritual renewal and hope.

Ordinary Voices is built upon the idea there is no one right way to approach faith. But, it’s in the conversation between different approaches where great understanding and community are discovered. Thank you for visiting the website and I hope you can discover your own spiritual voice through Ordinary Voices.  

A Resource for:

Personal Reflection

Small Group Study

Adult Education