Eric-Head ShotFinding Hope in Life

Ordinary Voices is a resource for people, wherever they might be on their spiritual journey, to find expressions of hope in daily life.  Each PODCAST invites listeners into the lives of ordinary people. The idea being in listening to the thoughts of others, we might hear some of our own struggles with life and faith. Then, in reflection upon them, find the hope so many are desperate to discover.

The BLOGS are short daily meditations attempting to bridge the gap between scripture and daily living. They are designed to be a quick read. To help people make connections between worship and work.

I'm Eric Elkin, creator and host of Ordinary Voices. As a Lutheran pastor, I originally created Ordinary Voices to help me listen to the thoughts of others. Then I realized how hungry people were for spiritual conversations.

Ordinary Voices is built upon the idea there is no one right way to approach faith. But, it’s in the conversation between different approaches where great understanding and community are discovered. Thank you for visiting the website. I hope you can discover your own spiritual voice through Ordinary Voices.

How to Listen to a Podcast:

A PODCAST is a radio show you can get on the internet. It allows you to listen when and wherever you want no matter where you live. There are two options for accessing the podcast:

STREAMING - listening through the website. This requires an internet connection. Click PODCAST to listen to past and current shows. 

DOWNLOAD - you can download the show (which means saving it) to your phone, tablet, or computer. This allows you to listen when you do not have internet. I love listening to podcasts when I am driving or working in the garage.


iPhones and iPads: You can get a Podcasts App from the App Store. Then click the purple iTunes button on the right side of this screen to subscribe.

Android phones and tablets: Get an app from Google Play. Stitcher is a podcast app and can be accessed from this website.



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