Give Love One More Chance


Love Is The Means By Which Makes God Creates Calm

by Eric Elkin

On that day, it will be said to Jerusalem:
        Don’t fear, Zion.
        Don’t let your hands fall. 
The Lord your God is in your midst—a warrior bringing victory.
        He will create calm with his love;
        he will rejoice over you with singing.
— Zephaniah 3: 16-17

In the fall of 1981, Queen released the song, “Under Pressure.” It was a collaborative effort between two rock icons. One who was established, David Bowie, and the other who was still growing his legacy, Freddie Mercury. The song hit the airwaves when MTV was just emerging as the place to “see” music. So the recording was released along with a music video.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the video does not show either Bowie or Mercury. Instead, the director used old stock film and movie clips to capture the songs’ meaning. We see people walking down city streets to capture the grind of life. Clips of buildings blowing up speak to how it can feel like everything around us is falling apart. Images of old horror movies appear at intervals to express the daily fears and anxieties which dwell within our heads.

Two things about the video always capture my attention. One, the way the clips are strung together accurately reflect the perception of daily life for many people. The other is how the video makes me realize nothing changes. 

No matter what age one lives in, there is always something seeking to claim our sense of hope. Pressure is not new. It has been present in every generation and across all human ages. Military conflicts end but quickly get replaced by new ones. Economies are always in a state of flux, and civil unrest still threatens security across the world.

‘Cause love’s such an old fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And love (people on streets) dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves
— "Under Pressure" Lyrics

I think of this song as Christmas is draws closer. Across America, people are purchasing food and baking treats in preparation for planned Christmas celebrations. Despite the pressures of the world, a dwindling sense of community and the ever-present feeling of destruction, families will gather and sing. Not only will they sing, but they will rejoice and be glad.

Candles will be lit, and we will sing about a silent night, even though our days are cluttered with noise. Sermons buried in the lyrics of songs will move our souls to rejoice of God dwelling with us. We will sing this truth even though we are often frustrated by not seeing the God we worship. 

“Under Pressure” is not an Advent or a Christmas song, it isn’t even religious. However, the invitation to give love one more chance does meet us at the crossroads of life, faith, and celebration. As the song suggests, love changes how we see our neighbors and ourselves. Or, as Zephaniah writes, loves is the means by which God creates calm. Love is also the action which makes God most visible in our lives. When God is present we cannot help but rejoice and sing.


Click to read Zephaniah 3:14-20

Reflection Questions:

  • Where do you experience pressure in your life?

  • How easy is it to find calm in the midst of pressure?

  • How can you give love a chance today?

  • What Christmas song holds the most meaning for you? Why?

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