Wisdom In A World Of Folly


Set Aside A Childish Desire For Chaos To Find Wisdom.   

by Eric Elkin

Lay aside immaturity, and live, and walk in the way of insight.
— Proverbs 9:6

Despite all advances in technology, reading the news remains a staple activity for gaining insight into the wisdom of the world. Unfortunately, it seems like the wisdom has taken a vacation to an undisclosed location. In its absence, we are overwhelmed with folly.


Folly caught my attention this morning when a story about the Mueller investigation appeared on my internet homepage. It turns out, surprise, surprise, Rudy Giuliani, “America’s Mayor,” has once again said something that could backfire on him. 


The story reported Giuliani as saying if the “investigation is not completed by September, there would be a ‘very, very serious violation of Justice Department rules.” The reporter pointed out; there is no such rule to be violated. 


I want to believe the report, but it was published by the New York Daily News. Years of experience has taught me not to trust anything written by this paper.


Next, I saw a story about the ongoing drama of mega-reality star, Omarosa Manigault Newman. Her secret recording of White House conversations is all the buzz of the day.  The insanity of her story is breathtaking. The one segment she decided to distribute was of her firing. One of the few moves in the Trump Administration supported by both the left and the right. 


Perhaps Omarosa can claim an ability to unify opposing forces. She now has worked for both Donald Trump and Al Gore. They both consider her the worst hire they ever made. 


To accept wisdom’s invitation is to embrace the life that God has designed for us.
— Scott Schauf

Next was the saga of Alex Jones. Every day a new social media platform announces the removal of his material from their services. The one platform which did not, Twitter, said he did not violate their rules. When pointed out he did, they determined it was okay.


Under pressure from users, Twitter is now reviewing InfoWars content.  However, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says most content removed from their platform has been done by Jones himself. Confused? I know I am. 


After reading the news of the day, I'm wondering where the seven-pillared house with a banquet of wisdom is located?  Maybe I could find it and feast on some sanity in an insane world.   


What is unfolding in front of our eyes is the authenticity of the ancient wisdom of Proverbs. Unfortunately,  as Proverbs reveals, foolishness has plagued the human community people for thousands of years. Folly still produces to a fractured sense of life. 


I hate reading these news stories, but I like a child I keep going back for more.  Even when I know the headlines are crafted to capture my attention, I read the story. Even when I know the writing is designed to get me angry, I read the story. 

I guess to feast on wisdom, one needs to lay down their immaturity so they can walk in the way of insight. I’ll try doing that tomorrow. Hopefully, I’m not the only one.


Click to read Proverbs 9: 1-6

Reflection Questions:

  • What news story do you keep following even when it makes you mad?
  • How many different news sources intentionally try to get you angry?
  • How can laying down our immaturity help us gain wisdom?
  • Who do you trust will give you wise advice?  

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