Where Are You?

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God Calls The Lonely Out Of Isolation

by Eric Elkin

But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, ‘Where are you?
— Genesis 3:9

In seventh grade, our class went on a five-day field trip called, “The Ohio Tour.” It was a trip, in some ways, wasted on junior high students. We visited all the unique historical sites of the great state of Ohio. However, all I remember is my first real conversation about sex with the opposite sex.


It was not a very risque conversation. Matter of fact, it was quite comical. One evening, while we stayed in a hotel, six of us found a quiet spot for idle conversation. We were divided equally; three boys and three girls. Like ALL junior high students who find themselves in mixed company, we looked for a way to talk about the forbidden subject, sex.


One girl started the conversation with an accusation,”Eric, doesn’t even know what the forbidden fruit is in the Bible!” Immediately, all eyes were on me and everyone snickered. She was right, I didn’t. Every attempt to fake it or change the subject only magnified my ignorance. Eventually, the girl who first made the accusation said, “The forbidden fruit is sex. Oh my gawd! I can’t believe you didn’t know that!”


Her words isolated me from the group. Like Adam and Eve, I felt naked and ashamed, desperate for a place to hide. The focus of attention on my vulnerability forced me to see the whole world in isolation. It was all about my failure. Never did I consider I was not alone in the conversation. Most of the group were thankful the attention had not been placed on them.

The junior high conversation became a competition between friends about who knew the most. The person who knew the most was better than everyone else. The Garden of Eden story and the thousands of years of interpretation have done the same thing. Who is to blame? Who is better, Adam or Eve? Why does God act this way? 


The only destination of these type of questions is division among people designed to be friends. When we divide, argue, blame and rate each other the only ones, who pay the price is ourselves. It is an isolated, lonely place hidden from God. 


I’ve always found the words, “Where are you?” comical. How omniscient can you be if you cannot see the only two people you created? However, today, I hear them differently. They sound like words of emotional rescue, not a desire to know a physical location. 


“Where are you?” is God calling to save, not just Adam and Eve, but you and I. Do you know where you are? You are dwelling in the midst of God’s abundant creation. If you find yourself feeling isolated, naked and ashamed, remember where you are. You are in the middle of God’s abundant creation. Don’t be afraid to come out into the light. God only wants you to know you are not alone.

Click to read: Genesis 3: 8-15.

Reflection Questions:

  • When did you feel isolated by a conversation among friends?
  • How many of your friends have been in the same situation?
  • How can the question, “Where are you?”, help you find spiritual security?
  • Today, where are you?

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